Fahrzeug- und Entwicklungswerk Blankenburg GmbH

Fahrzeug- und Entwicklungswerk Blankenburg GmbH looks back on an 135-year history of railway activity.

It offers several services in the mobile assembly of track systems and the maintenance and repair of cargo cars.

Our staff’s expertise, combined with the use of modern plants, is always at your disposal to meet your requirements.

FEW – Services and Products

  • Revision / maintenance and repair of your cargo cars at all levels
  • Modification and modernization of cargo cars
  • De-rusting by abrasive blasting / paint work
  • Mobile repair of cargo cars
  • Mobile Assembly on railway tracks – track devices, track switches and the like more →
    • Our track devices have been in use for many years and are composed of a track switch and a pulse shaper.
    • The track device recognizes the wheels passing over it and transmits this data to a pulse shaper which forms the required signals to control the process.
      • It can be fixed to the rail without drilling.
      • It is available both as an inside track switch and outside track switch.
      • It can be fixed to rail profiles S49, UIC60, R65, S54 and Ri60.
      • It offers interference compensation.
      • It can be fixed to traction rails and heating stream-fed rails.
      • No expenditure of maintenance and repair is needed.
    • Range of applications:
      • General track contact
      • Track contact with extended cycle times
      • Short term speed recording along short distances
      • Two-wire switch
  • Mobile Assembly within track systems – chainage, alignment of the tracks via horizontal and vertical reference points (Gleisvermarkung), orientation within the railway network more →
    • Production, delivery and assembly of measures are specified in kilometres- and hectometres according to  RIL800.0104
    • Permanent reference points at buildings, masts, poles or on the ground
    • Equipment of the tracks and buildings with all kinds of reference marks (for example escape route identification in tunnels or at soundproof walls)
  • Mobile Assembly within track systems – alterations of shunting switches, control and communication technology more →
    • We deal with all the planning and offer all assembly services at your tracks.
    • We do the accompanying work for track superstructure and for the upgrading of shunting switches to lubrication-saving shunting technology.
    • Slide chairs and ribbed sole plates at shunting switches and switching devices
    • Assembly of shunting switches at electrical and mechanical switches.
    • Conveyor wheels to carry the switches
    • Work at communication and control systems
    • RV partner of the DBAG
    • Manufacture and assembly of shunting switches (design type FEW)
  • Hollow Sleeper more →
    • For track crossing while avoiding expensive civil-engineering work
    • Approval granted by the German Federal Railway Authority – Eisenbahn-Bundesamt – under no. 21.63-21izbo/019-2101#023 (519/14-Zul.) for railway lines of Deutsche Bahn AG
    • On straight tracks and curved tracks with rail shapes 49 E5, 54 E4 and 60 E2, also on insulated track sections (insulating rail fastening is part of the standard design)
    •  Hot-dip galvanizing for a long service life